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Meet Paul

Paul holds an MA in Applied Psychology (Positive and Coaching Psychology) through University College Cork.

Paul passionately believes that achieving our full potential brings with it a myriad of benefits including increased confidence, improved resilience and ultimately greater well-being, fulfilment and happiness.

Paul’s corporate career spans three decades primarily working within financial services and consulting environments in London and Dublin and also further afield in a number of European locations. He has held leadership positions in the financial services sector and more recently has worked within a dedicated team of Learning & Development experts in the consulting industry.  Since setting up his own professional development consultancy in 2015, Paul has delivered training/facilitation and coaching services to a range of clients both in the Private and Public Sectors. He has also worked with a number of charities providing mentoring/coaching and training services.

Paul loves to share his passion for self-improvement with others. He is a great believer that the real magic lies outside of our comfort zones and through his energy, enthusiasm and support he will help you to be your very best You!



Facilitation of workshops.

Delivering high energy high impact training.

1:1 coaching.

Key note speaker at conferences/seminars.

Through his work, Paul has helped many individuals, teams and leaders to uncover their own particular strengths as well as becoming aware of areas for development. He achieves this through his skills as a qualified executive coach as well as using his expertise in a number of psychometric tools including Insights Discovery, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Life Styles Indicator (LSI) and DiSC.

Working with Paul will help you to gain real clarity on where you are now and where you want to get to. Although the path ahead may not be straightforward Paul’s high energy, enthusiastic  and ‘challenge with support’ approach will ensure that you set out with a clear vision, motivated and driven to overcome any obstacles and ultimately fulfilling your goals and ambitions.