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Paul works with organisations to create tailored solutions to their most pressing needs and challenges. He facilitates a variety of workshops for clients in different industries both private and public sector.

Paul’s courses are designed to provide managers and leaders with the skills and tools necessary to navigate the increasingly complex and fast changing environments within which they operate. The key focus is to help participants to maximise their own productivity and to get the best from their teams. The workshops address the specific challenges that leaders and managers have within their respective industries and take account of their unique organisational priorities, values and culture.

Managers and leaders will gain key insights into how they currently operate, their strengths to leverage and challenges to overcome, with the support of coaching and personality profiles as appropriate.

The workshops will challenge participants to understand how to use a range of leadership skills and techniques in a variety of settings.


Leadership Programmes


Leading Remote and Hybrid Teams

Leading High Performance Teams

Leading Through Change

Coaching for Higher Performance

Your Leadership Style

Situational Leadership

Adaptive Leadership

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Your Leadership Brand


Management Skills


People Management Principles and Practice

High Performance Coaching Conversations

Motivating Individuals

Providing Effective Feedback

Coaching for Results

Manager as Coach

First Time People Manager Programme

Conflict Management and Resolution

Facilitating Effective Meetings

Influencing Skills

Negotiation Skills

Managing Underperformance

Managing Different Personalities

Team Effectiveness Workshops

Paul’s workshops are highly interactive and engaging with the appropriate degree of challenge and support to optimise the learning within the room coupled with commitment to positive action back in the workplace. Paul acts as a coach/facilitator drawing out participants existing knowledge and best practices and then layering this with new insights and learning. His workshops incorporate group exercises, discussion and practice. The key focus is on the practical – how participants can bring their learning outcomes and clear actions into their place of work.